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Organization Structure

Organizational Structure:

Senior management - Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director and Technical Director

Senior management having high management experience and technical experiences

the following are summarized roles:

1.      Development of policies and strategies

2.      Planning to open local/global markets

3.      Doing contracts and agreements that will expand in the market

4.      Technical Support

Financial support and budgets

Technical Directorate:

Technical directorate includes the following sections:

Training Management:

Highly efficient Management for design and develop training plans as follows:

1.      Arabic Technical Training Plan, this plan is targeted for companies and projects that use Arabic as main language, the plan linked to the calendar year commencing from 1/1 of each year and ending on 31/12 of the same year.

2.      Arabic Management Training Plan, this plan targeted to the companies and projects that use Arabic as a language and a basic plan linked to the calendar year commencing from 1/1 of each year and ending on 31/12 of the same year.

3.      English Technical and Management Plan, sections 1 and 2 mentioned above in English and directed to the companies and projects that use English as main language

4.      Customized Courses, plan developed in accordance with the contractual issues contained previous plans or programs required special contents as required by the client designed specifically to meet the training needs

5.      To implement these plans a set of training management furthers are taken as followings:

·      Answers all programs queries and identify areas of scientific and practical areas of the courses in coordination with company experts

·      Development of specific course outlines in coordination with the instructors.

development the materials using all training aids to be in line with international developments in this area and delivery of the material (Hard Copy & Soft Copy)

Consulting, Research and Studies Management:

This is a dynamic unit which responsible to manage and organized all consultancy, research and studies required by the clients to meet the needs of the market. Also responsible to communicate with training centers, institutes, research centers and universities (regional and international) in order to obtain accreditations and certificates and.

This unit responsible to evaluate and follow-up of the consultant’s and Instructor’s performances to achieve the greatest return for companies.

Among its functions as well:

Providing technical and Management consultancies

Supporting Units

Public Relations Department:

Department of Public Relations Department having a professional team operates under the foundations of civilized professional manner, offering a wide range of services especially for the trainees immediately after the registration of a program executed by the company, including:

1.      Welcome all participants at the airport (round trip) and transport them to their residence.

2.      Book hotels which provide a special discount for participants

3.      Assist participants in obtaining adequate housing (apartments real estate close to the training venue)

4.      Provide a means of transport from/to training center if practical training took place.

5.      Organizing the opening ceremony of the training courses attended by the Director to welcome the trainees. As well as the final day of the ceremony to hand over the sessions of the necessary certificates.

6.      Make the necessary contacts that allow the trainee to research, studies and public libraries in the case of the desire of the trainee so. Grant co-medical consultations and health especially coming from outside the United Arab Emirates - to guide the trainee or his family members accompanying the most appropriate specialists to appropriate medical clinics

7.      Organizing trainee’s entertainment and tourism programs.

Documenting the training programs with necessary pictures

Marketing and Finance Department:

This unit is responsible for annual marketing plans as well as seminars and conferences organized by the company to be held inside or outside the UAE as an obligation the following tasks: -

1.      The subscription fees for the training programs in line with the duration and location of its implementation and the number of trainees.

2.      Setting paying methodology for the training programs (cash - check - wire transfer)

3.      Billing training programs and follow-up and the issuance of bonds to receive the value of participation in training programs.

Provide special financial offers and discounts in the case of large numbers of delegations in the programs